Free yourself of toxins

Free yourself of toxins


Free yourself of toxins

PURE AND HEALTHY Toxicity can ,sometimes, be brought on by an imbalance in an individual’s emotional and physical health.

The increasing pollution around you and your own erratic eating habits make it  mandatory to engage in total detox. Detoxification rejuvenates the internal organ system by getting rid of toxins that enter the lungs, stomach, kidneys and other organs.
What causes toxicity?

Toxicity is caused by substances like chemicals, vehicular fumes, smoke, paint thinner fumes, substances that burn while cooking, fast food, preservatives (preservatives & additives), packaged and processed food. The poor functioning of vital organs like the kidney, liver, skin, lungs and large intestine can also increase the concentration of toxins (metabolic wastes) in the body.

 In addition to these factors, toxicity can sometimes be brought on by an imbalance in emotional and mental health, which in turn affects metabolism. “If you are always excessively occupied at a physical, mental or emotional level, then your organs will eventually tire and this could lead to early ageing. Forced hyperactivity of the organs is enough to turn the body toxic,” explains Dr K Bhanu Moorthy, a Bangalore-based practitioner of traditional medicine.
Panchakarma therapy

There are many ways of detoxification. Ayurveda recommends a variety of methods depending on factors like age and health. By balancing the tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha), it suggests panchakarma as an efficient way of detoxifying the body. However, panchakarma can be administered only under expert supervision.

 “There are other ways to rid the body of toxins. These include a fruit and raw vegetable diet, herbal juice diet, pranayama, natural enema and sun bath. These treatments should be taken under expert supervision,” says Dr Rajkamal, a Kerala-based naturopathy consultant and ayurveda practitioner.

Hydrotherapy, a form of detoxification that has been a part of our culture for centuries now, is another efficient way to detox. Hydrotherapy boosts circulation and flushes out the toxins through perspiration. Sweating moves the wastes and toxins to the surface of skin and gets rid of dirt particles, oils and dead cells.

Understanding Aromatherapy

A pleasant and relaxing form of hydrotherapy is the aromatherapy bath. Aromatherapy is effective in preventing and curing diseases with the use of essential oils. Combining the benefits of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy can work wonders on the body and the mind. The benefits of this therapy include relaxation and detoxification.

However Dr Bhanu has a word of caution, “Using even one drop of an essential oil without proper consultation is like using medicine without a doctor’s prescription. It can aggravate health problems. For example, if you don’t know the correct dosage, sandalwood oil can aggravate respiratory problems.”

 Regular exercise is another sensible way to detox.

According to Dr Maya Rajish, an ayurvedic physician from Bangalore, daily exercise also help counteract on the toxins in the body. “People above 35 years of age can use triphala powder from any recognised ayurvedic shop. It has the ability to naturally detoxify the body. All mild laxatives support detoxification,” explains Dr Maya.

 Dr Bhanu also suggests mud and topical herbal therapy for detoxification. He too warns against use of synthetic clothes as they don’t absorb sweat and cause the sealing of skin pores, in turn interrupting the elimination process. “Even jeans are not ideal summer wear. They are however good for the winter,” he adds.

Detoxification not only leads to a healthier body, it also calms the mind.

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