All logic goes for a toss


Cliched jokes, indecent mannerism and an unusual story form the movie – Nannavanu. Watching a story unfold for two and half hour, which only deserves a maximum of half an hour, is a painful experience.  Prajwal Devaraj, the lead character, keeps spitting on others’ face often leaving the audiences feeling disgusted.

It seems the movie crew is inspired by a popular TV show on previous life (purvajanma). The story is about the murder of a girl named Sanjana (Aindritha) in her previous birth. She is repeatedly haunted in her current life by nightmares of how she was murdered in her previous life.

And, she decides to fight for justice in court. Sanjana finds Bhardwaj (Prajwal), a Sunday pleader, to fight her case. Sanjana and Bhardwaj had fallen in love in their previous birth, too. Finally, they win the case. The movie’s pace in the first half simply tests the audiences’ patience. It is a mix of senseless comedy and illogical sequence of events.  The only welcome relief is Ilayaraja’s music.

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