Blaming pilot immoral: Samiti

Blaming pilot immoral: Samiti

“The disastrous crash has caused several suspicions. It is really immoral to blame the pilot for the tragedy at this juncture,” said Samithi President Vijaykumar Hedge. Speaking to media persons here on Tuesday, Hedge said that there are many possibilities that led to the worst tragedy that ever happened in the recent times.

Uncertainty prevails till the outcome of the investigation is made public. However, accusing pilot’s fatigue or his lack of knowledge regarding the inadequacies of the runway holds no truth.  The absence of the Controller in ATC might be one among other several reasons. The flawed runway has no stop way in case of emergency. Besides the runway width is not according to the rules and regulations.

From the centre, the width of the runway should be 150 meters on either side, while the air strip at Bajpe is only 100 meters wide on either side, he added. In an emergency, there are possibilities for the aircraft to plunge into the deep ravine on either side of the runway, if its slips slightly while landing, he added.

Nagarjuna responsible

Hegde maintained that the Nagarjuna power plant should be held responsible for the threat posed by the climatic deviations in the surrounding areas.  The smoke emitted through chimney of the thermal plant sends hot air up to a height of 2,000 feet. The temperature of the emitted hot wave is more than 120 degree Celsius.

“The aerial of the Bajpe Airport is at 20 kms distance from the Nagarjuna project area. Actually, the distance should be not less than 30 kms,” Hegde said and questioned the Airport Authority of India for issuing clearance to the company. Zamat-e-Islam Youth Wing President Mohammed Hussein, Vice President Abdul Aziz and others were present at the news conference.