Muktidhama, a binding force of Anegunda village

Muktidhama, a binding force of Anegunda village

Muktidhama, a binding force of Anegunda village

Since Muktidhama has been the result of people’s efforts, it has become an example in the region.  The villagers from Belandur, Honnavalli, Dharekoppa and Sringeri have been using the said land at survey no 168 for cremation purpose, since time immemorial.

Encroaches tried to encroach this 2 acre land meant for the crematorium. However, by the time people woke up to the situation and joined hands to save the land all that was left was only 20 to 30 guntas of land. In 2005-06, the remaining land was fenced and started the works of Muktidhama.

The first meeting was held under presidentship of Yedurumane Venkataramanaiah and a committee was formed with retired government employees Aralukodige Lakshminarayana as its president. Yedurumane Sheshagiriaiah, Makkimane Dhanashekhar Rao were elected as the the vice-presidents. Anegunda Venkatesh Joisa performed the foundation laying ceremony. People came together to build the muktidham in full strength keeping aside all differences.

When the works were proceeding, new avenues started opening up and Sringeri Math, Sri Kshethra Hornadu, Hariharapura math and Adichunchangiri Math offered monetary help.

Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project provided a silicon chamber costing Rs 55,000 to Muktidham.  Apart from the money provided from MP’s fund, Shimoga Malenadu Areca Marketing Co-operative Society, Nisarga Friends’ circle, Inner Wheller, Rotary Club and various other organisations came forth and donated largely for the project. Finally contractor Kalkatte Gurumurthy offered to provide the ceiling to Muktidham.

Makkimane Dhanashekar Rao who had been vested the responsibility of supervising the construction site as seen present at the site irrespective of sun and rain, say the villagers.

Mamcos Director Ambaluru Sureshchandra after seeing Muktidham had rightly said that villagers in true sense had not constructed a crematorium but they had built a temple where souls are liberated to another world.

Despite all efforts, the works of Muktidham has not yet been completed. Footpath to reach Thunga river, bathing chambers are some of the plans that the committee has sketched to take up immediately. Muktidham in true sense is not just a crematorium but it has graduated to be a binding force in Anegunda village.