Father accused of raping minor daughters

Father accused of raping minor daughters

Abbu Fayyaz (32) is married for 13 years and was leading a happy and life with his wife, Akhtar, and their four girl children until Thursday evening. All hell broke loose when Akhtar caught their two elder children, aged 11 and 10, engaging in sexual activity. She was in for more horror when, upon questioning, the frightened girls told their mother this was exactly what their father had been doing with them for the past two months.

Dumbfounded Akhtar took Fayyaz to task. A little later, the neighbours gathered at the house and thrashed him severely, shaved his head off, and took him out in a procession in locality. Even as the crowd was about to turn violent and beat him to death, police arrived and took him into custody.

According to Akhtar, they had rented another house close to their present residence and had shifted some of their belongings there two months ago. While she used to sleep at the new house, Fayyaz was sleeping at the old one. "He raped my second daughter, who was sleeping with him, during this time," Akhtar alleged.

The suspect, however, remained defiant. Strongly denying the charges, he said, "Thrash me with footwear, but I will not admit to a sin I never committed," he told Deccan Herald. Police said the suspect had confessed to the offence. According to Akhtar, Fayyaz first confessed when the neighbours beat him up, but tried to backtrack later.

While the girls were subjected to a medical examination at the Dr Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital last midnight, the suspect underwent tests this evening.  DJ Halli police booked produced him at the residence of the 11th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate R Rajeeva Gouda who remanded him into judicial custody.