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Life of leopards

Little is known about the leopards of the Kalahari desert. Among the most elusive animals on the planet, Kalahari leopards are rarely seen and almost never caught on film. This Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom special offers an unprecedented glimpse into the private lives of these unique predators. Kalahari Supercat follows a year in the life of  Montrosse, a female leopard, as she searches for a mate, strives to capture her prey and struggles to rear her cubs in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Uniquely adapted to the sandy, nearly treeless Kalahari desert, Montrosse endures trials and tribulations that her savannah cousins could never even imagine. Catch the episode on Animal Planet on May 31 at 10 pm.

Talent hunt

Look’s like she wants to leave no stone unturned to make her new show on STAR Plus her most memorable work till date. Tere Liye on STAR Plus is touted to be a romantic saga. Ekta who has created historic characters like Sujal-Kashish, Om-Parvati, Tulsi-Mihir on television is on a lead hunt to find the next couple Taani and Anuraag. Apparently, a team of eight members are investing night and day, surfing through profiles of young and fresh faces between the age group 18 and 25 on all social networking sites to hunt for the leads that can portray Taani and Anuraag

Infamous assassinations

Infamous Assassinations: The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi & The Assassination of Martin Luther King on FOX History & Entertainment Channel on May 31 at 10 pm will feature assassinations of Gandhi and King. Gandhi who preached about the principles of satya and ahmisa was gunned down by Nathuram Godse in the gardens of Birla House on January 30, 1948. Martin Luther King, on the other hand, took on the causes of American withdrawal from South Vietnam and the plight of the poor in America’s South.

He was shot dead by a mysterious white assassin, who escaped in a white Mustang car. James Earl Ray was imprisoned for life for the killing, but was he guilty?