Scaling new heights

Scaling new heights

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Scaling new heights

Crazy star V Ravichandran, popularly known as the Raj Kapoor of Kannada turned 50 recently. He is best known for his opulent way of film-making and is also credited with introducing new trends in Kannada cinema. 

Career hasn’t been all smooth for Ravichandran. He has never been free from controversies and yet managed to produce some of the best films. Actor, producer, director, lyricist, music director and technician- all wrapped in one, Ravichandran took a time off to share his thoughts on cinema and his up coming projects with Metrolife.
Thrilled about his forthcoming film Hoo, a romantic comedy, the actor says despite the low publicity, the film has created a hype among the people. “Hoo has everything that people will expect from me. It’s a story of a boy who wants to become a chess player much against the will of his parents. Although it is a remake, I have tweaked the entire project so that people can sense the difference between the remake and the original,” the actor says.  After Hoo he has a handful of projects at his disposal like, Keechaka, Manjina Hani, Ase, Ond Nimisha and Antaryaami.

“I don’t know why I didn’t commit to any projects for the last two years. But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest.  If I have earned anything in my life, it is from cinema and I would like to give back to cinema. Ekangi made me rethink my stance. I was disturbed by its failure. After my father I have had none to guide me and correct me, that haunts me all the time,” he avers.

On the eve of his 50th birthday, the actor announced that he would soon introduce his son Manoranjan to the movies. “Now I am busy with Manjina Hani. I have advised him to brush up his acting and dancing skills.”
It seems age has had no effect on the actor, for he still yearns to scale new heights. He is credited with introducing big budget movies, erecting lavish sets and usage of latest technology.

Ravichandran’s next project is Ase, a three-perspective film sans any dialogue promises to be different.

“This is going to be a unique venture which will give the audience a different experience. I never think financial crisis as a hurdle to try new things,” he sums up.