Move to meddle with Lalbagh invites public warth

Move to meddle  with Lalbagh invites public warth

There has been a flood of mails to Deccan Herald from the citizens concerned, opposing the projects. Not only Bangaloreans, citizens from other districts and States have expressed anxiety over possible damage these projects would cause to the gardens.

Here are some excerpts from the mails Deccan Herald has received:
Leave it as such
As an architect being responsible for the ecology, I don't support this project. Lalbagh should be maintained properly and if not atleast leave it as such; don't destroy its function in Bangalore's climate and ecology.
Mani Vel Rajan V

Look elsewhere
I suggest you to clean up all nonsense that's going on at the moment, before you waste your efforts towards further degrad ation of something that has naturally remained with least effort from your predecessor. Hope you got the the gist and let’s look elsewhere to improve conditions of essential nature.
Shankar S Hosakere

Insensitive govt
It speaks of the insensitivity of a government towards it's own City and people. Who is this who is proposing this?  The BBMP would not be proposing this as it is an elected body, and I hope to a certain extent will protect the interests of its constituents.
The State Govt is the more likely culprit via the offices of the BDA etc.
Swastik Harish

Don’t compromise
I feel sorry for the guy who came out with this brilliant(!) idea. Amusement park for whom? For public ? No citizen of this country will accept this move of government.
I vote against this move. We have enough amusment parks in Bangalore.
In the name of development you can't compromise with the heritage, culture, history.
Dr D Manjulakumari

Ridiculous plan
Bangalore has gradually lost almost all of its famous green cover. What we now have is a thin vestige scattered around to remind us of the past natural wonder. To think that Lalbagh, the little green lung, is also in danger of vanishing to satiate the greed and senselessness of mankind is appalling. Disneylands and Sentosa's are not the answer to the citizen's primary needs of good infrastructure and clean air.
All like-minded citizens must protest and not allow the authorities to go ahead with this ridiculous plan.
Usha I

Senseless venture
It is a senseless venture to turn Lalbagh into an amusement park. we have enough of them around Bangalore. If the same money can be spent on restoring the dying lake in Lalbagh, it will be a fruitful investment.
Govind Rao
A rock garden and a musical fountain will not add any value to Lalbagh. It is just an image without any value addition. There are many examples of value additions around the world which have involved people with the existing natural surroundings, eg  Central Park in New York.
A well directed approach can bring back some sort of urbanism to the City where people  interact with the cities and not just the shopping malls.
The younger architects, urban designers  from Bangalore today have amazing ideas and talent.
They need to be involved in the project. The process needs to be much morepeople
Naveen Mahantesh, Gaud and Pratt

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