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Dear Madam,
I am doing PUC commerce. My ambition in life is to become an industrialist. Are there any specific degree courses for this? If so please suggest them and also the reputed colleges that offer these courses in India and abroad. I also wish to do my PhD and CA.  So please tell me the procedures for this.

Dear K.M.,
My initial reaction to your question was that you are trying to fill an empty basket with all kinds of degrees that you have heard of and at the same time know nothing about. Then, I felt that you really needed help, for if you go on thinking of this and that, you will spend the rest of your life trying to acquire degrees.

For a start, the meaning of the word ‘industrialist’ according to the Webster’s dictionary is “one owning or engaged in the management of an industry”. Therefore, you have to decide the area in which you want to be an industrialist. It could be in the manufacturing industry, public utilities or even in the service domain. The choice of subjects will then be related to the area you choose.

As for doing your PhD and CA, find out the answers to the following question: What is a PhD? Why do you want to do one? After knowing the answers, if you still want to do a PhD the next step will be to think about the process and plan on what you will have to do to reach the goal.
It is very important that you collect all the data to help you make an informed choice.

Dear Madam,
I am working in XYZ office. In my office all my friends say I look 26 or 27 years but my real age is 21 years. My problem is when they say like that, I feel that I am ugly. Some of my colleagues do not know my age. What do I tell them if they ask me my age? I feel afraid and somewhat guilty. My age is 21 years; weight 65 kgs, and height 167 cm.
Please suggest some tips to come out of this problem.

Dear R.V.,
The first thing you should do is to check whether your weight is in accordance with your height. If required, it might be a good idea to exercise to tone up your body.

When you feel ugly when your colleagues think you are 26 or 27, remember you are allowing their words to affect you; - you are giving yourself the permission to feel ugly. Instead, you could say to yourself that you look mature and will therefore be taken more seriously by everyone.

And as for worrying about what you should tell them if they ask your age, cross that bridge when it happens with the truth. It hardly matters what they may think.

Dear Madam,
I am a girl studying in class 9. I have a problem connected with my studies. The problem is not in scoring marks. I always score above 95%. The problem is I study only at the time of my exams. During leisure time I don’t feel like studying at all. Sometimes my mind is diverted to all kinds of nonsense things. I do it having the knowledge that it is not good. Later I realise that it is harming me and I stop doing that.

Do I need to practice some kind of meditation to concentrate on my studies? Please help me through this.

Dear A.H.,
By now you will be in the 10th standard. Being a bright girl, I think you realise the importance of the Board exam. As you are doing well percentage wise, you do not see the importance of regular studying.

Please consider the following question:
Should you study only for an exam or for the knowledge, skills and values that you acquire through learning?

And now to come to the point of your mind being diverted by ‘nonsense things’, I wish you had been more specific, then I could have given you a specific answer. I do not want to assume or imagine what the ‘nonsense things’ are. However, meditation, physical activity, writing while studying, listening to instrumental classical music while you are studying are some of the methods to help you to concentrate better.