The world of fashion beckons

The world of fashion beckons

Recession doesn’t need to spell trouble for one’s career. Creative education offers a powerful antidote to the whims of a recession-bound economy. In India, fashion is one such career, which is recession proof. With one of the largest domestic markets in the world, Indian fashion industry has the potential for phenomenal growth.

There are many institutes in India that offer courses in fashion design. Some of these institutes also offer specialised fashion courses like Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing amongst many others. In today’s dynamic economy, it is extremely important to choose the right institute that can impart appropriate education and the right training. So, the question is what is it that one should consider while choosing a college?

Today, we all have access to a plethora of information available around us on the essential parameters like faculty, placements, course, international tie-ups and infrastructure to choose an institute.

However, the parameters should not be limited to these, but must include the an answer to the question, “What makes you employable even in the slowdown situation?” Clearly, it is your skill, knowledge and performance that sets you apart from others. So, your college should equip you with these skill sets for a recession proof career.

The next question is how can this be achieved? To answer this question I remember an old saying, ‘You cannot learn the art of sales by learning from books. You have to get out and sell it in real.” Your college must have the ability to merge theoretical and practical training in a very unique way, which will enhance your skill set to a great extent. 

The course with ‘Traineeship option’, like the one WLCI offers to the students is a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between contemporary styles, creativity and commercial viability. The process gives students a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between illustration and pattern making, surface ornamentation techniques and garment construction. The process also prepares the students for various job opportunities in the apparel industry.

As a part of the training programme the institute imparts extensive practical experience through live projects that integrate theory and practice. In fact, the institute helps its students to create an impressive portfolio of work that meets industry standards and helps the students in getting the coveted and much desired first break.

Money matters

All does not end here with ‘a combination of theory and practical learning’. What is also important is the financial aspect that is involved in further studies. While your education will ensure your employability, the course structure should also be able to contribute in the study expenses.

The WLCI’s Traineeship programme gives the students hands-on experience in the Industry and they get also a stipend for the work done with the industry partner. This money takes off almost 40%-50% of the burden from parents mind. So, it is equally important to opt for an institute of WLCI’s stature that considerably reduces the burden of the course fee.

When you choose fashion as your career option and ensure practical experience as your teaching methodology, you become competent enough to work in the areas like designer wear production, planning and concept management, fashion marketing, design production management, fashion media, quality control, fashion accessory design and promotion of brands.

Range of options

Students can find a wide range of career options in Visual and Retail Merchandising. On completion of the programme they can pursue a career as a Costume Designer, Fashion Consultant, Personal Stylist, Technical Designer, Graphic Designer, Production Pattern Maker, Fashion Coordinator, Apparel Production Manager, Fabric Buyer, Fabric Quality Control Manager, Show Room Sales Representative, Illustrator, Cutting Assistant and Outside Sales Representative in this industry. And last but not the least the students can also become entrepreneurs and become their own boutique owners.

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