Going bare-chest

Going bare-chest

Well this time, it’s the bad man of screen Murli Sharma. But doing no item song or flaunting his body, Murli will be seen in Contiloe’s upcoming children’s film, Maruti Mera Dost playing the negative lead.

Apparently he is sporting a completely different look, which is obviously designed for children’s fantasy. Interestingly, we also learn that while shooting for the movie in a forest area of Dholpur in Rajasthan, a lightman accidentally struck a beehive which set all the bees buzzing about the place. 

Of course this had the whole cast and crew running about in chaos, and unfortunately Murli was going all the more paranoid trying to find a piece of cloth firstly to cover himself. 

Well confessing it wasn’t exactly a very humourous moment then, now he has a great laugh recalling it.

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