Designs of responsibility

Designs of responsibility

Designs of responsibility

From graphic design to ad campaigns and special causes, the student have poured their heart and creative talents onto the display panels and the three-dimensional art work on view.

A Reva car strategically placed in the centre, a motorbike sculpture made from discarded scrapmetal, a row of papier mache masks, were some of the three dimensional exhibits on display. The collection on the whole was a creditable effort by the students to send a message as effectively as possible about the importance of being more responsible citizens. 

“We really cannot stress the importance of becoming more aware of the impact our actions and lifestyle have on our surroundings and the planet at large. Our students have come up with innovative ways to tell people to stop honking and reduce noise pollution, reuse stuff instead of quickly disposing of it irresponsibly, conserve energy wherever possible and limit the use of plastic,” say faculty members of WLC.

A miniature bar, complete with bottles, told a story through the labels that were creatively designed while a paper cut-out model showcased the colour and culture of Jaipur in shades of pink.

Innovative graphic designs vied with clever ad campaigns and collages with strong messages through artwork, posters and models of different themes and ideas. 

“It is also important for designers to become more aware of current issues, reduce wastage and use environment- friendly products like eco-friendly ink in their work. As designers, we have a ready-made platform that we need to use,” said Chitra Vishwanathan, a faculty member from WLC.

The best work was chosen and displayed at Alliance Francaise and special prizes were awarded at the venue.