Beatie, the 'pregnant man', gives birth for the second time in US

Mama or papa?

Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman before undergoing gender realignment surgery, and his legal wife Nancy, 46, had their second child early on Tuesday morning, media reports in the US said.

The 35-year-old, dubbed “pregnant man”, gained international attention last year when it was revealed he had become the first legally transgender male to conceive. His daughter Susan Juliette was inseminated at home by Nancy with sperm from a donor.

Beatie was once known as Tracy Lagondino but retained his vagina and other female organs in the gender reassignment surgery because he planned to give birth one day. “I feel it is not a male or a female desire to have a child. It’s a human need,” he was quoted by the ABC News as saying.

Sources close to the couple said  that it was a natural childbirth and not a Caesarean. Beatie said that after giving birth to his first child he did not take male hormones to allow him to get pregnant.

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