Lingayat sub-castes in 2A category of backward classes

Unaware Commission takes exception

The issue came to light from a letter written by the under secretary of Social Welfare Department to the Vishwabandhu Marulasiddha Hitavardhaka Sangha of Davangere.

In the letter (dated May 6, 2009), the officer said that Deputy Commissioners have been directed to issue caste certificates to those who have mentioned their sub-castes in the school records as Hindu-Sadaru, Sadumatha, Sadukula, Sadara, Sadugoudar, Sadar, Sadugouda under the 2A category of backward classes.  With this move the number of castes in 2A category would go up. The Backward Classes Federation is feared that the Sadar-Lingayat community would enjoy more reservation benefits meant for 102 castes already listed in the 2A category.

Karnataka State Backward Classes Commission chairman Dr C S Dwarakanath, taking serious exception to the order, said that it was illegal. The government had taken the decision without referring the matter to the commission.

However, Social Welfare minister D Sudhakar said the government had maintained the castes listed earlier in the category. “The castes listed in the order were earlier in the 2A category. They were deleted at some stage. Now we have revised it,” he argued. However, he did not offer a reply when asked when the castes were deleted from the category.

Following the government’s order Karnataka State Backward Classes Federation has decided to submit a memorandum to the Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes on Thursday, against the order.The Federation members, in a meeting on Wednesday, decided to organise protests across the State demanding withdrawal of the Government’s direction. The category 2A is meant for occupational castes like Kumbara, Ediga and Kuruba. Already there are 102 occupational sub-castes under this category, the Government is unnecessarily creating problem by including sub-castes of Veerashiva community though they are not based on any occupation, Federation members said.

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