Five more screened for Swine flu

However, only one of the five suspects has been house quarantined and his throat swab has been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Among those screened, three were software engineers, who had landed in Bangalore on June 5 after a trip to Finland.

Results on Thursday

Only one of the three, a 40-year-old male showed symptoms such as cough, throat congestion and running nose and has been house quarantined, while the other two were found asymptomatic. Results of the tests will be revealed on Thursday.
The other two suspects were a technical manager who had travelled to South Korea and had landed in Bangalore on May 30 and a manager who had travelled to Switzerland and landed at the BIA on May 24.

No cause of worry

Since the incubation period was over, those screened were assured that they didn't have Swine flu, said sources.

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