Honey did you forget to buy the cat mint again?

Honey did you forget to buy the cat mint again?

Cats love catmint. Pic: Daksha Hathi
Yellow, red, green and orange peppers, or our favourite pizza vegetables, the tasty capsicums are also pepping up the world’s doctors. Every child should know how to make his or her own pizzas using capsicums,  in case there isn’t enough pocket money for two or three more on the same day!

But did you know that capaicin or chillie peppers are also used for healing minor scrapes and scratches? If you have a scrape your mom can dab a little cayenne pepper on it till the pain lessens. She can also sprinkle some granulated sugar to help kill the bacteria and speed healing, if there is no other medicine around.

But what every child can do is to buy an aloe vera plant and keep it on the window sill, in the kitchen or even the bedroom. It is a living first-aid kit. When you get a cut, scratch or scrape, break off one of the plant’s fleshy leaves, squeeze out a bit of the cool, colourless gel from the leaf’s centre and apply it directly to the wounded area. Reapply three or four times a day and watch the miraculous healing with this plant. Even the World Health Organization recommends this aloe cure.

Aloe gel can also be used to cure burns.
Homeopathy recommends cleaning the cut with soap and water and then applying calendula ointment to it. And did you know that it also helps to cure skin infections on your cat? I tried it on several cats and found it works wonders for healing their skin disease!

You can buy it in any homeopathy store. It is also something you must have on holiday especially if you are walking a lot through forest or jungle areas.

 At home it is another kitchen angel like the aloe plant. Then there are some easy and fun recipes for dealing with acne. Make a curry leaf paste and keep it on over night. Use warm water to wash it off in the morning.

If you apply aloe vera juice twice a day it will help to remove acne lesions.  Try ripe tomato pulp on your pimples, keep it on for two hours and then wash it off. 

But remember that your cat who loves a plant called catmint and its relative catnip, can’t ask you for them but you can buy catmint at the University of Agricultural Sciences and plant it in your garden.

She will love it. And almost as much as catnip she will love the Spider Plant which grows everywhere. Cat owners who don’t bring this plant for their cats are almost not worth knowing!

Since my cats remove and heal all the burrs, phlegm, sore throat and clogged pores from my day, I have to remember to do the special shopping for them. Or else one of them is likely to say ‘’Honey did you forget the catnip again?” The dry catnip is available in some shops that sell dog and cat food. Try it to have great fun with your feline.


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