Free tips to Yeddyurappa


People, who voted Yeddyurappa to power, feel that he has 'commitment' to work, but does not know how to get the work done either by himself or through bureaucracy.  The officialdom is like a machine, which needs to be 'oiled' by means of 'cajoling', 'tempering', 'pampering' and 'threats'. Instead, Yeddyurappa is shouting at top-level IAS officers like a contractor, but 'with no results'.

The CEO's job is not to visit every hamlet, food price outlet or visiting the drains. He should tell the officials that 'they should work with least complaints'. If a complaint is received personally, through the media or otherwise, he should chide the concerned, take him to task and get it rectified.

Dr. Manmohan Singh does not waste his time or shout. He moves about with least inconvenience to public. When Indians are hit in Australia, SM Krishna neither shouts nor visits Australia When there is an accident, DGP does not rush to the spot. When a student misbehaves, the Principal gets the report and screws the respective persons. Yeddyurappa should sit in the office read news papers, receive complaints, watch news channels, speak to officers through video conferencing and tell the officials to berate the junior officials when a complaint is received.

Otherwise, all the officials would be parading the nook and corners of the state led by the Ministers wasting public funds and without any purpose.

Basheer Ahmed,
1st Block, RT Nagar,
Bangalore -32 

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