Back door entry

All circumstances favour in Women's Reservation Bill having a smooth sailing in the parliament mustering two third majority in the parliament needed for passing the bill.  It is possible that there may be some changes but hopefully there will not be a major surgery.

This would be a feather in the cap of the Congress which can be cashed in future to the discomfiture of the other parties. Ideally it would have been good if the taint of reservation is not attached and this would have happened if the political parties had come forward to give ticket to women candidates in greater numbers during elections.

Whether this reservation would follow 'Panchayat  syndrome' where it is the husbands who call the shots has to be seen. One likely scenerio is that  the way the bill has been formulated there is a  greater chances of  the wives of the  members of the parliament and particularly of the younger generation entering the parliament in greater numbers giving greater fillip to a La Dynastic rule!

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
Sarswathipuram,Mysore 570009

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