Make CBI independent body

This refers to your editorial, Playing Politics (D.H. 11th June.2009) wherein you have rightly stated that it is difficult to separate right and wrong in the case and how deep are the grey areas in it. The Central Bureau of Investigation always acts as per the dictation of party in power rather than go by rule of law. Seldom it has functioned as a federal independent set up.

There are several instances wherein the CBI acting on the directions of the party in power has failed to investigate many criminal cases and bring home the justice. One the most striking example s Bofors Case, which rocked the parliament for nearly two decades.

Ultimately,the Central Government after spending several crores of rupees by making trips abroad, failed to bring the guilt to the justice. Most of the cases handled by CBI are politically sensitized. Many a times the Supreme Court has come heavily on the investigating agency for shoddy work done by them. Due to discriminatory functioning, the CBI, has lost its credibility in the eyes  of general public. To ensure free hand to investigating agency, it is necessary for the Central Government to amend the laws and make CBI an independent body, so that party in power will not interfere in its day-today functioning. 

Harikrishna S.

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