'Communal goondas' list ready, says IGP

Hosur asks police to use maximum force

Addressing a “meet the press” programme organised by the DK Union of Working Journalists (DKUWJ) at Patrika Bhavan here on Thursday, he said he has clearly instructed his colleagues “to use maximum force” to deal sternly with the instigators of communal violence.

“The police have been clearly told to open fire on those using lethal weapons in the public, to demobilise them. We have already identified certain communal goondas and they are being chased for the past one week,” he added.
“Police are keen on mitigating anti-social elements in each community, and we are sure that communal harmony will automatically prevail once these elements are rooted out,” the IGP noted.

Special force

Hosur said teams comprising 100 police are being constituted in all districts, who will be given special training in dealing with the activities of communal elements, Naxalites, terrorists and underworld criminals.

“The lists of 100 men each in both DK and Udupi are ready, and the training is in progress,” he informed.

He also said the Naxal menace has considerably come down in the affected areas as a result of some specific steps taken by the police. “Police are mainly focusing on confidence building measures among the locals, who have vowed not to allow any Naxals to enter into their village at any cost. The number of ANF camps has been increased to 12, while four more police stations have been newly established,” he said.

‘Corrupt officials’

Pointing at the bottlenecks in establishing a honest and transparent system, the IGP said “the senior officials are usually the worst corrupt in the police department”.
“How can we expect honesty in the grassroots level when senior officials themselves are corrupt?” he questioned.

Hosur said his main aim is to make the common men feel that they are in a system which is fair, neutral and free of prejudices, that upholds the rule of law. Admitting that the common men hesitate to approach the police, he emphasised on the need for regular refresher courses to the police officials to make them people-friendly.

Answering a query, he said he has asked the Udupi SP to give news to media men in a way which does not hamper the investigations.

The IGP also said the police are aware that illegal activities are going on in a few prestigious hotels of Mangalore, against whom stringent actions will be taken soon. To another query, he said a comprehensive plan will be prepared for disturbance-free parking facilities.

DKUWJ President Harsha and General Secretary T N Balepuni were present.

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