After Indians, Sri Lankan students attacked in Australia

Police are investigating allegations of attacks against a group of Sri Lankan students at their home, ABC News reported.

It is alleged that three men smashed the front windows of the students' house in Macquarie in north Canberra after an unsuccessful attempt to crash a party.

The students said a car window has also been broken and that they have been taunted with "racist insults".

One of the students, Dijula Wijesuriya, said he has been threatened with a knife. "This guy comes up and takes out a knife and says 'get out of our streets'," he said.

Wijesuriya said they have been living in fear, especially considering the recent violence against Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne.

"We really didn't go anywhere else, we just stayed at home, just go to uni and come back home straight away and lock the doors and stay inside."

India Australia Association of Canberra president Madhu Kalia said she is surprised by the incidents.

"So far Canberra, it has been alright, there have been no attacks on students," she said.

Police said they have investigated several incidents but have not received any reports that they have been racially motivated.

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