Dhoni tries to mend ties with the media

MS Dhoni

"Of course I have changed. But that is part and parcel of life. It's not easy, I am also a human being. I too have shortcomings but I am open to suggestions," said the man who was dubbed 'captain cool' by the media for his calm demeanor.

But after close to two years as captain, Dhoni's relationship with the media were strained here due to a newspaper report of him being at loggerheads with vice-captain Virender Sehwag.

The report infuriated Dhoni to such an extent that he turned up with the entire squad at a press conference in a show of unity.
Matters came to a head when it was decided to send Sehwag home due to a shoulder injury and the news came out on a few TV channels even before the BCCI had sent out an official confirmation.

Sparks flew in a press conference after that with an agitated Dhoni refusing to answer any question on Sehwag's injury.

Dhoni tried to mend his strained ties with the fourth estate yesterday and dwelled on Sehwag's injury for the first time on the tour.
"We didn't want to close out the Sehwag option and hence we carried him in the initial days. We didn't want a situation where he was back home and suddenly was found fit enough to be part of the squad.
"Unfortunately, I couldn't discuss everything in media," he said.
Away from the Sehwag fiasco, Dhoni said the Indian team was doing fine except for the slipshod fielding which needs to improve fast.
"We wouldn't be the best fielding side in the world and we have still to improve our bowling in the last 2-3 overs," was the candid assessment of Dhoni.
"In the four games -- two warm up and two in the league stage -- our performance has been satisfying. Our fielding was bit up and down and in all honesty we wouldn't be the best fielding side of the tournament but we can be efficient in the field," he added.

Dhoni also explained the reason for Sehwag staying put in the team hotel even though he isn't part of the team.
"At the moment, the services of the physio can be used (for Sehwag). He is a friend of ours and part of the team for long. He would also feel good (if the physio attends on him even when he is not a part of the squad)," he explained.

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