Jewellery with creepy-crawlies

* Charm bracelets: Gold-and-silk knotted numbers that get under your skin from the first day.

* Jewellery with creepy-crawlies: We don't care where they're from, we want bees and dragonflies now.

* The Louis Vuitton Speedy: The original urban girl's day bag comes of age with a limited-edition monogram miroir in gold or silver.
* Going forward': Annoying office-speak that is infiltrating the real world. Stop it.

* Twitterature: The classics reduced to a few words. Lady Chatterley's Lover becomes "Upper-class woman gets it on with gamekeeper". What would Lawrence say?

* Collars up: Men in polo shirts with the collar flipped up are not to be trusted.


Thick & strong
CavinKare has launched the Meera shampoo for thick and strong hair in its Meera range of shampoos. The shampoo contains coconut milk and Badam which promise to keep hair healthy and strong. Coconut milk provides nourishment to hair and Badam is a natural protein. It is priced at Rs 51 for 100 ml.
Fashion statement  Swatch watches
Bata has introduced its monsoon collection of shoes. The contemporary range of shoes and bags come in pinks, reds, silver and gold. The collection comprises shoes, sandals, peep-toes and slip-ons. The shoes are priced at Rs 299 onwards and bags are priced at Rs 699 onwards.

Exuberant spirit 
Swatch watches have introduced the Manish Arora collection. Manish Arora combines high-contrast colours and intriguing shapes with Bollywood sparkle, pop culture, humour and sheer joie de vivre to create an exuberant collection of fashionable accessories for the wrist. Prices start from Rs 4,450 onwards.

Timeless icons
Puma has introduced ‘Black label’, luxury sport fashion footwear. The footwear collection for men and women strives to offer style, comfort, performance and a seamless fusion of form and function. The Puma Mostro is fast approaching its 10th anniversary and so these luxury additions are timed to coincide with the celebrations. Puma ‘Black label’ is priced at Rs 8,999 onwards. 


No matter how much you mock mocktail fans, (you being the pucca cocktail swigger), you can’t deny the charm of a well-made mocktail. Here are some recipes you can try:

Blue Hawaii  Blue Hawaii
Ingredients: Pineapple juice-120ml; Blue curacao syrup-15ml; coconut milk- 30ml;  sugar syrup-15ml; ice cubes - to fill. Method: Pour all ingredients into a blender jar and short blend. Garnish with a pineapple cone and serve.

Apple and Cinn
Ingredients: Apple juice-120ml; cinnamon syrup-15ml; fresh lime wedges-3; lemonade - to top. Method: In a tall glass filled with ice, pour the cinnamon syrup, squeeze the lemon chunks and pour the apple juice. Top with lemonade, garnish with apple slices and serve.

Cucumber and lychee cooler
Ingredients: Litchi juice-120ml; Fresh lemon chunks-2; lemonade - to top; cucumber slice-1. Method: In a tall glass, pour the litchi nectar, squeeze the lemon and top with lemonade. Cut a long slice of cucumber, drop into the drink and serve.

Mango and maple spice
Ingredients: Mango juice-120ml; maple spice syrup-15ml; fresh lime chunks-2.
Method: In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, pour all ingredients and shake. Garnish with a slice of  mango and serve.

Recipes courtesy: Dabur Real