Understanding myriad reflections

Understanding myriad reflections

Resonating Reflections, paintings by Alka Raghuvanshi, will be on display at the Leela Palace from June 19, 6.30 pm to June 25.

Like cosmic echoes that resound with the magic of inherent mysticism, this series Silences of Solitude forms dance to resonate with the light in its various manifestations, be it in water, space or land, within the self and without and how they all form part of a larger connect that makes the collective.

The myriad mysteries of the ever-changing private spaces unfold to mesmerise and fascinate. 

The intense, unusual tones is in complete harmony with the brittle metallic of gold, silver, bronze and copper. The metallic hues are transformed into malleable and
liquid formations as opposed to the stiffness of the metals themselves.

Textures fascinate and wink to entice the creator and the beholder to explore the crevices and crannies. The surfaces resound with the music of the various layers and dimensions. The forms heed the notes to dance to the song.

When the mind is an ocean, it has so many things, thoughts, emotions –– not necessarily in that order —— that the ripples create a reverberation that resounds. The resonance of these create echoes in silences.

Only the sensibilities need to be attuned to hear them. This sensitivity needs to be perfected over time, only to multiply manifold which create spirals of sound and thought that continue to be part of the resonance of creative impulses.

Alka wears many hats for she is among the few authorities on the arts who traverses the folk and classical arts, performing and plastic arts, crafts and aesthetics with ease and is known for her crusading spirit for the arts.

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