Channel surfing

Channel surfing

The power of love

WB presents The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling, Tim Ivey and Rachel McAdams at 8 pm. The romantic drama directed by Nick Cassavetes is based on a book by the same by Nicholas Sparks.

The world of baking

Discovery Travel and Living presents Rachel Allen:Bake on June 13 at 10 pm. 

Rachel Allen, the acclaimed cook, author and baking expert takes us on tour through the decadent world of modern baking.

 In this episode, she will demonstrate the recipe for the walnut cake that she served at her wedding.

The cake has vanilla buttercream filling and is covered in an indulgent American frosting that’s great for a special occasion. 

Never ending action

Watch ‘Jaws 2’  on June 14 at 9 pm as a part of ‘Superstar Sundays’

For your regular dose of mystery and action, catch Shoot ’em Up on June 13 at 9 pm on HBO starring Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti. 

A mysterious man named Smith delivers a baby during a shootout and is then called upon to protect the newborn from ruthless criminals out
to kill it.

Watch Jaws 2 starring Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton and Joseph Mascolo on June 14 at 9 pm as a part of Superstar Sundays. 

Four years, since the great white shark fed off Amity Island’s hapless tourists, the gates of small seaside resort are opened once again, now with condominiums and a luxurious Holiday Inn.

But the new refurbishments cannot hide the razor-sharp evil that still lurks beneath the water’s surface. And as Mayor Larry lures in the tourists by the busloads, he will resurrect the nightmare that hit this town four years ago.

Foreboding signs of the underwater threat are initially ignored — a drifting luxury boat, blown up to smithereens, a badly mauled carcass of a large killer whale, and a paranoid chief of police crying shark, are still not enough to convince the mayor to close off the

When Brody (Scheider) pushes the envelope, he gets fired. So he undertakes his own dangerous investigation. Only this time, the stakes are higher — his two sons are lost out at sea with a bunch of friends, and it won’t be long before the shark finds the drifting party. 

Smarter, hungrier and more ferocious than its predecessor, this man-eating thresher is determined to make fish-bait out of the helpless sailors.

Adorable celebrity guests

Watch Salman Khan at his very best on 10 Ka Dum. 

There is full masti, laughter, jokes and of course some dancing.  

And some very special guests on the episode are  Darsheel Safary (Taare Zameen Par), Azhar (Slumdog Millionaire) and Tanmay  (Taare Zameen Par and Slumdog Millionaire).

To catch the cute, little special guests, tune into 10 Ka Dum on June 13 at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment TV.

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