'Makutta road works sub standard'

Samiti C K Prithvinath addressing a news conference on Friday, alleged that the roads are of sub standard quality and are being laid unscientifically.
“Though there is ample space for laying large drainage on either sides of the road, narrow drains are being laid and the works are being held unscientifically, much against the clause in the contract which emphasises on scientific work,” Prithvinath said.
He said that according to the High Court order, State government has released Rs 25 crore for the development of Makutta road and the contractors too had submitted a letter to the High Court assuring to take up quality work.
But much to the dismay, the works are of substandard quality, which only shows the failure of the contractors in keeping up their words given to High Court.
The Samiti has appointed a retired engineer to supervise the works and when the Engineer visited the spot and inspected the work, the quality of work was visible as the roads have chipped off and pot holes have already appeared on the road.
The contractors have laid the road by digging the road for about half foot as against the contract, which says that the road must be dug to about 1.5 feet.

The Samiti has decided to file a complaint with the High Court, Department of Public Works and the State Lokayukta.
The Samiti has made a video of the present condition of the road and will submit the same to the High Court in a month, said Prithvinath.

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