No helping hand at all for this poor boy

No helping hand at all for this poor boy

Ironically, Rathikanth’s story has come to light on Doctors’ Day. Rathikanth, who injured his right forearm about a month ago, was referred to Bangalore hospitals for better treatment by Dr G M Shetkar of Bidar, as his clinic lacked equipment and facilities to treat ‘compressed syndrome’ that the boy suffered from.

Compression syndrome is compression of nerves, muscles and blood vessels inside a closed space within the body causing tissue death due to lack of oxygenation. It can be caused by fracture, wearing a cast or prolonged limb compression.

Knowing that the patient’s father Thippanna could not afford treatment at hospitals in Bangalore, Shetkar suggested they get it done under the ‘Vajpayee Arogya Shree’ scheme and gave his diagnosis and prescription in writing for the benefit of the doctor they may consult.

However, neither the doctor’s letter nor his entitlement to treatment under the sceme worked for Rathikanth, as Sparsh Hospital had asked Thippanna for Rs 1.50 lakh for the treatment of his son, and when he could not afford it, referred him to the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital on June 4.

The story continued at the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, from where he was referred to Mallya hospital and then to Vydhehi, K R Hospital and BGS Global Hospital until he was finally admitted at Victoria Hospital on June 6.

Admitting the boy into Ward 34, Victoria Hopital also agreed to treat him under the scheme. However, the Vajpayee Arogya Shree officials asked Thimappa to bear the cost initially, assuring him of a reimbursement after the treatment was complete. The boy has been at Victoria since June 6. Even as the doctors treated the boy on day one and assured regular treatment, Thimappa claims that the doctors were very irregular and that they visited the boy once in four days, leaving the dressing to deteriorate. The family has already spent about Rs 20,000 for the treatment.

Now, with the doctors advising amputation, Thimappa says, “My only son is on the verge of losing his hand due to negligence on part of the doctors. Had they taken enough care, may be things would have been different.”

However, Victoria Hospital Medical Superintendent B G Tilak told Deccan Herald: “l’ll have to look at the case sheet to determine what the problem is. It cannot be done off hand...”

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Several readers have requested contact details of Rathikanth's family to offer assistance. The boy's father, Thippanna, can be contacted at 916-407-7975. You may find the number switched off. We are trying to inform him to keep the phone switched on.

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