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Animal Adventures
Of the Planet Earth

The changing seasons trigger the greatest spectacles on our earth, the mass migration of animals. Planet Earth follows a million caribou as they trek across the Artic wastes, pursued by wolves as they go. In the Kalahari Desert, an epic trek is undertaken by hundreds of elephants as they attempt to reach the Okavango Swamps. In the oceans, Planet Earth slows down the leap of a great white shark as it captures a seal, for the first time revealing the technique of the oceans’ master predator.
Don’t miss the episode of Planet Earth on June 15 at 8 pm.

Siddesh JagtapWhen music jumps to the rescue
Siddhesh Jagtap, a Zee TV L’IL Champs contender from Indore, is a real life case of short term memory loss. 11-year-old Siddhesh Jagtap’s world changed two years back when he met with a fatal accident while pillion riding with his father on his bike. As fate would have it, he succumbed to critical injuries. Since then, the little lad suffers from short term memory loss. There was a point when he did not even remember his parents. Music proved to be a saviour. Says his father, “Music has become a therapy for him. Through regular riyaaz, his memorising capacity has shown improvement. His recall and retention power has also stepped up.”

Unexpected landing in a dream project
When ‘Fictitious’, a dance group from Nalasopara, performed the B-Boying dance on Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega recently, they not only won Rs 10,000 but also got a dream break. The group which aspires to get international recognition, was inspired by the English film You Got Served for the act. Judge Farah khan was so impressed with their performance that she instantly offered them a chance in her next film Happy New Year. Farah says, “I need a lot of dance groups for my film and I am glad I found one. It’s a group of 17 kids who are only 10, but they are outstanding. They will be part of an important sequence in my film.”  Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega


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