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daring Bear GryllsUnique ways of survival

Man Vs Wild — Desert Survivor airs on July 6 at 9 pm on Discovery Channel. Watch a new season of the series hosted by survival expert Bear Grylls. Man Vs Wild documents his efforts to survive and find a way back to civilisation, usually requiring an overnight shelter of some kind.

Join Bear as he shares and explores his successful and failed survival stories with the viewers.

Journey to homeland

Kylie Kwong — My China airs on July 6 at 10 pm. Kylie Kwong rediscovers her Chinese heritage in this brand new series. She explores the food and culture of the vast enigmatic China. Kylie travels back to the homeland of her ancestors and re-ignites her passion for the flavours of the East.

Join Kylie as she travels to Hong Kong. She works her way through flying fish and urinating shrimps, discovering if there is such a thing as typical Hong Kong food. Watch the show to discover the answer and experience an uncharted journey of her personal discovery as she traverses China.

Living under one roof

Channel V presents [v] Roomies every Saturday at 7 pm starting July 10. This spunky new offering will bring together five friends, each uniquely different from the other all under one roof capturing, how life plays out when these characters get together.

Tracing their attitudes and way of living, this will be a melange of their dreams, their aspirations and all the challenges that come their way. Whatever life throws at them — right from dating dilemmas to career conflicts, their everyday triumphs and losses, the show will be a true to picture depiction of all that is part of today’s youth.

The show has been crafted after gaining insights from a research which threw light on the pulse of Indian youth. It is a reflection of everything that encapsulates the real life of youth today and what makes them tick.

Stroke of luck

HBO presents Polar Storm starring Jack Coleman, Holly Dignard and Tyler Johnston on July 6 at 9 pm. When a comet passes close to earth, it seems like an extraordinary stroke of luck. However, unbeknownst to all is a deadly force waiting to be unleashed. The passing comet has knocked the planet off its axis and reoriented the magnetic field in the process.

Earth’s crust begins to shift and threatens to crumble civilisation.

Tackling extreme obstacles

Total Wipeout airs on July 6 at 7.30 pm on AXN. The programme is an adventure game show, in which 20 men and women travel to Argentina to take on one of the world’s largest, most extreme obstacle courses in a bid to win a big cash prize.

Richard Hammond presents from the safety of the studio, while Amanda Byram is on the spot to talk to the ontestants about how well they are doing.

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