Plots turning shorter

Plots turning shorter

Plots turning shorter

entertaining Scenes from the show.

It also encourages actors to develop and showcase their talents by playing multiple roles while allowing audiences to enjoy a broad spectrum of theatre in one sitting.

In keeping with this formula, Black and White, a collection of eight short plays and comedy sketches was staged by a young Bangalore-based theatre group called Cult Entertainment recently.

Chosen from a work by Anton Chekhov and the more contemporary Rowan Atkinson, there were ‘various shades of humour — light and dark that ran through the show’.

Marked by dry wit, surprise endings, and common people in confrontations with ‘superiors’ often ending in absurdity, the on-stage action moved quickly without stagnating.

Fatal Beatings, which had quintessential Rowan Atkinson humour, was a bizarre tale about a headmaster who beats a student to death, for stealing library books. He then has to break the news of the boy’s death to his father.

A Good Loser is a comic take on an actor losing the best actor award to his co-star and being asked to receive the award on his behalf. Losing my Patients, is a sketch about a patient who doesn't know what's wrong with him and a doctor who doesn't care.

Anton Chekhov generally portrayed life in the small town Russia where tragic events occur in a minor key, as a part of everyday existence. His characters are passive by-standers in regard to their lives, filled with the feeling of hopelessness and the fruitlessness of all efforts.

In Surgery, a wannabe waits for a patient to pluck his first tooth.  The Arrangement has a father taking his shy 19-year-old son to a house of ill repute, then realising that the son will no longer be a boy.

Audition is about an aspiring small town actor dreaming about making it big. Seduction, another Anton Chekhov play, is a live practical demonstration on how to seduce a woman with a little help from her husband.

The cast comprised Naveen Richard, Ajit Thandur, Supriya,  Anirudh Acharya, Sindhu Murthy, Avinash Daniel and Karan Tilak.

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