Hurrah... It's a holiday!

Hurrah... It's a holiday!

What does the month-long holiday hold in store for the engineering students?

Hurrah... It's a holiday!

upbeat Engineering students have various plans for their vacation.

Many students of engineering colleges have a tight schedule full of tests and exams, leaving them with little time to do what many youngsters their age probably would.

With the completion of their recent semester exams, engineering colleges have a month-long break giving them ample time to enjoy, hang out with friends and chill out at home. Metrolife spoke to a few engineering students on their plans during the break.

The first thing Mrudula did, after her second semester exams got over, was going back home and sleeping. “There was nothing else on my mind. Since exams had left me sleep deprived, I slept for hours together. And that’s how the remaining month is going to be. I just want to relax and enjoy every minute of it as once college starts, I know I won’t have the time to laze around,” she says.

Dhananjay, a third semester student, says the break has given him time to catch up on guitar lessons.

“I enjoy playing the guitar and I had started taking up classes as well. But with hectic schedules and exams, I couldn’t really concentrate on them. Now with the break, I plan to attend as many music classes as I can,” he adds.

Catching up with friends and simply hanging out are other things that many of these students look forward to. Shilpa, who just finished her third semester exams, says she rarely gets to meet her school friends and looks forward to utilising the time with them.

 “Since they are all in different colleges, we rarely meet due to our respective courses. So
this time, we can actually hang out, catch up on all the movies we missed during our exams and even go on a small trip,” she says.

For Samhitha, this break has given her the time to decorate her new room.  “We recently moved to a new house and due to my exams, I didn’t get time to arrange things and decorate my room. Now with the holidays, that’s the first thing on my list. Plus, I have to start shopping for a whole new wardrobe for my next semester,” she says.