Yaragolu project to be completed in a year: Prakash

Yaragolu project to be completed in a year: Prakash

Scheme will provide drinking water to Bangarpet, Malur and Kolar

Yaragolu project to be completed in a year: Prakash

He was speaking after setting into motion, the construction of a huge tank, under the Yaragolu scheme, at the pump house on DC office Road here on Saturday. The entire construction project of the tank is worth Rs 240 crore. It would actually take 18 months to complete. But, however, the project will be completed within 12 months time. An amount of Rs 89 crore will be spent on the first phase of the Yaragolu project, for laying the pipeline. An amount of Rs 44 crore will be spent for laying the pipeline in Kolar, Rs 28 crore in Bangarpet and 17 crore in Malur. Apart from this, the establishment of a water purification unit and construction of nine huge water tanks will also be undertaken as part of the project.

With the implementation of this project, the MLA said, there will not be any drinking water problem for the next 50 years, in Kolar, Bangarpet, Malur and the surrounding villages. The City Municipal Council (CMC) supplied 30 litres of water everyday. After the completion of the Yaragolu project, about 100 litres of water will be supplied, he added.

Rs 36 crore spent

Already an amount of Rs 36 crore has been spent on the Yaragolu project. A pipeline has been laid from Yaragol to Kolar. From today itself, the laying of the pipeline and the construction of the water tanks will be undertaken simultaneously.

Varthur Prakash further said, the land beside Gajaladinne was yet to be handed over to the Government. This was posing problem to the smooth implementation of the project. In the second phase of the project, an amount of Rs 160 crore would be spent for the construction of the dam, he added.

Speaking about the City Municipal Council, the MLA said, though there was differences of opinion prevailing in the CMC, it has been cleared now, he said and added that the CMC had been undertaking various developmental works at the cost of Rs 2-3 crore.

There were 19 members in the CMC on his behalf. They shall soon be increased to 27 members. CMC members Salaluddin Babu and Prasad Babu, shall never realise their dreams, he added.

Yaragolu project details

A dam will be constructed near Yaragolu village at the cost of Rs 240 crore, which will provide drinking water to Kolar, Bangarpet, Malur and for the 45 nearby villages. The project will be completed within 18 months in 2 stages. Dam will be constructed in the first stage and in the second stage supplementary works will be taken up. A dam will be constructed across the river Markandeya which will have the storage capacity of 14,000 million litre near Yaragolu village. Estimate of the project has been sent for the technical approval.

Yaragolu, Palamadagu, Balamande villages will be submerged and the supplementary works at the cost of Rs 79 crore at Kolar, Bangarpet and Malur will be undertaken in the second stage. Pipeline will be laid from the dam, Bangarpet and Kolar. Feeder channel will be constructed here. Water treatment plant will be set up at Bangarpet and Kolar, and 7 huge tanks at Kolar, 2 at Bangarpet and 1 in Malur will be set.