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Good looks make you an extrovert

If you are an attractive man or a woman, chances are that you are quite an extrovert.
Evolutionary psychologist Aaron Lukaszewski, University of California, Santa Barbara, asked 85 male and 89 female students to rate their own attractiveness relative to their peers.

The results showed that stronger and more attractive men, and more attractive women, were more extroverts.

And because strength and attractiveness have a strong genetic basis, it appears that we may learn our personalities, and adjust them to situations we find ourselves in over time.
“It’s not the way psychologists have typically thought about personality,” said Wendy Johnson, a psychologist at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

“But it is the way they should be thinking of it,” Wendy added.

Coming soon: A football that powers cellphone!

A football that generates electricity to charge a cell phone or power a light from a short kick is set for trial at the 2010 FIFA World Cup host South Africa.

Four female undergraduate students, from Harvard University, who wanted to find a solution to the developing world’s chronic power shortages, designed the ball named sOcckets.

The ball works by a ‘shake to charge’ torch, in which a magnetic ball rolls through a coil to generate an electric charge.

The ball generates enough electricity to power an LED light for three hours in just 15 minutes of being kicked around. It can charge virtually any kind of mobile phones.
“Soccer is something you will find in every African country,” one of sOccket’s inventors, Jessica Lin, said.

“People play for hours days, so we thought, ‘Why not try to get a little more out of that energy’,” she added.

Jessica said that the main motive was to withhold the passion for football particularly among children in Africa’s poorest communities to provide them with reading torches when the light fades.

Julia Silverman who also worked on the project brought the ball to South Africa’s towns for trials to coincide with the World Cup.

Sassanid fire temple found in central Iran

Ruins of a fire temple dating back to the Sassanid era have recently been discovered by archaeologists. The discovery was made during the latest season of excavations in the Vigol region near Kashan in central Iran.

The cruciform temple has four entrances leading to the ruins of a fireplace embellished with unique stucco designs.

Its floor has been covered with plaster. The walls of the mud structure have been decorated with plaster dado rails, above which they have been painted with ocher paint, Mohsen Javeri said.

“This kind of the Sassanid religious architecture has previously been found in southern Iran, but this is the first time such a structure with these characteristics has been identified in central Iran,” he said.

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