Opposition slams Kageri for non-payment of salaries to teachers

Opposition slams Kageri for non-payment of salaries to teachers

Marithibbegowda (Ind) and Basavaraj Horatti (JD-S) said the Government, quoting economy drive as the reason, have stopped giving salary for teachers for last 10 months.

Between 1986-87 and 1995-96 then government had decided to provide grant-in-aid to several unaided primary schools, high schools and PU colleges. But the Government has stopped releasing grants from last year citing paucity of funds as the reason. Following this thousands of teachers have not been getting salary since past ten months, Gowda said.
Gowda added that the frustrated teachers are planning to go on a strike on July 7 in the respective districts across the State, if the government fails to release the salary.

Kageri told the members that during the last October, the Chief Minister ordered to hold back the grants considering finance situation due to the floods. But now the matter will be discussed with the Chief Minister to resume giving grant. But till then the school managements should help the State by giving salary to the teachers, the minister said.

Regularisation of service

The State Government assured the Legislative Council that it would regularise the service of the teaching and non-teaching staff of job oriented courses, which had been defunct.

Education minister Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri, told the House that around 3,746 members who had completed 10 years of service in the JOC colleges, would be recruited in different departments depending on their educational qualification. The minister said that those working in the private colleges would also get the benefit.

The minister also said that the government would soon take a decision on awarding time-bound increment to teachers who got inter-district and inter-zone transfers.
As per the existing rules of recruitment, those seek inter-district transfers would not get the time bound increments after completing 10 years of service.