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TV Talk

Dramatic: A scene from Stolen Kisses. Interesting watch

Stolen Kisses airs on UTV World Movies on July 8 at 8.30 pm. After being discharged from the army for insubordination, Antoine Doinel visits his former girlfriend Christine Darbon, and her father finds a temporary job of night watchman for Antoine in a hotel. The naive Antoine is deceived by a private eye in his first night shift and fired the next morning. The investigator invites the clumsy Antoine to work in his company, where he is assigned for some minor jobs, until he has to investigate why the owner of a shoes’ store, Georges Tabard, is detested by his employees. Meanwhile Antoine falls in love for the gorgeous Fabienne Tabard.

Adventurous: Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.Search for hidden treasure

HBO presents Fool’s Gold on July 8 at 9 pm starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland and Ewen Bremner. Ben and Tess Finnegan, an estranged couple, find romance and their sense of adventure once again when they discover a clue to a long-lost treasure. Divorced and in debt, the ex-lovers reunite in their search for a lost treasure-laden Spanish galleon, with a former partner and a ruthless drug dealer hot on their heels in this no-holds-barred hunt for fool’s gold.

Fabulous and fashionable

I’ve Got Nothing To Wear tackles women’s wardrobe crisis one closet at a time. Each woman goes through a process of possessing wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear at the right time. The programme deals with this common dilemma of women and with the help of designers, the closet is restyled and redesigned and turned into a fabulous wardrobe with all the latest fashion. Tune in to the show as resident stylist Jorge Ramone and the designer have very little time to rejuvenate the clothes. I’ve Got Nothing To Wear airs on July 8 at 8 pm on Travel and Living.

Dangerous destroyer

 The universe has been around for quite a while. Yet there are so many questions about it that remain unanswered. To know the answers, watch Discovery Channel’s new series, How The Universe Works.  In this episode, discover black holes, the most powerful destroyers in the universe and the most mysterious phenomenon. The modern astronomy has proven that they are frighteningly real and may well shape everything we see. How The Universe Works — Black Hole airs on July 8 at
8 pm.