Many schools yet to get textbooks in DK district

Many schools yet to get textbooks in DK district

Now as exams are approaching and textbooks still not in hand, sources claim that officials concerned are only procrastinating the dates promising that the books would arrive soon whereas the officials are trying to point out valid reasons for the delay.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Subject Inspector and Nodal officer for textbooks Ramachandra Gowda said that 9,59,915 books have already been delivered for free component sectors such as government schools from Standard I to Standard X and aided schools from Standard I to VIII. The remaining 84,030 books have yet to be delivered but are delayed as 4 textbook titles have not yet arrived.

Regarding sales component books, that is, books for private schools and aided (Std IX and Std X), 4,37,714 books have already been delivered and 1,15,835 books are yet to be delivered.

Gowda said the late delivery of textbooks in private schools is because of the delay in order and also DD was sent late and the demands are also increasing day-by-day. May 31 was the last day to submit the DDs, but some schools are still sending the order. Hence, it takes time to print and deliver, he added.

Secondly, according to the Student Information 2009-2010, a book by Karnataka Government, giving details of student population in DK District, there were 1,55,413 students studying in government schools in classes 1 to 10 and 71,078 students studying in aided schools classes 1 to 8 and 26,562 in classes 9 and 10. In private schools, 86,493 students were studying. Hence, the textbook consignment may have been prepared on these statistics. But, this year the order has been increased to 40,000 books in free component and 40,722 in private sectors. Hence, this is another reason why the delivery may have been late.

The government is trying its best to deliver the books as soon as possible, Ramachadra Gowda said and requested the school authorities for their kind co operation.

“Though the school was re-opened on June, the students are yet to receive the textbooks. Some students have received the books meant for the second term. As the teachers have textbooks, they carry on with the lessons. God alone knows, how much a student will understand without going through the textbooks,” said a parent.