SEC holds State responsible for delaying GP polls

SEC holds State responsible for delaying GP polls

The SEC clearly held the State government responsible for the delay, submitting that despite writing letters to the government informing them of the expiring terms of the Gram Panchayats and the need to conduct elections, there was no response either from the State government or the Deputy Commissioners of the various districts.

Letters were sent to the state government in January and July of 2009, but they did not receive any response. In February 2009, a letter was sent to the DCs of all districts asking them to provide details about all the new Gram Panchayats in their district, but there was no response to that either, the SEC stated.

Further, letters were sent in January 2010 asking the state to provide details on the delimitation and borders, but once again there was no response to that either.

The government had explained to SEC that the elections could not be conducted before the expiry of the term due to Class 10 and II PUC exams and also because elections had to be conducted to the BBMP following a court order.

The affidavit also stated that elections to 5,477 Gram Panchayats had already been held out of 5,622 GPs. The terms of the remaining GPs had not expired.

The SEC added that elections to 15 GPs who terms would expire in the coming months of August, September and October would be held on July 18. Some of the GPs are: Avati, Chittaragi, Nandawadagi, Yedakeri, Belawadi, Hanabaratti, Aghalaya, Tikeerahalli, Hadarangi, Mullahalli, Karehalli and Okali.