Bin Laden's son and his 54-year-old British wife split: Report

Bin Laden's son and his 54-year-old British wife split: Report

The couple parted ways after the 29-year-old fourth eldest son of the world's most wanted terrorist was admitted to a psychiatric hospital with drug-induced schizophrenia last week, 'The Sun' reported.

It followed weeks of erratic behaviour which saw him racking up some 3,000 pounds of motoring fines and going on wild shopping sprees, the report said.
"Our wedding vows said 'in sickness and in health' but if this goes on any longer I could end up dead," Zaina was quoted as saying.

In fact, Zaina, who had been married six times before she met Omar in Egypt in 2006 and enjoyed a whirlwind romance before tying the knot, has revealed she knew Omar had bipolar disorder when she met him.

"He'd have manic periods when he was very enthusiastic about everything. Then crashing lows when he would be quiet and subdued, staying in bed all day and not going to sleep until late at night," said the British grandmother of five.
Zaina has blamed her husband's troubles solely on his father and the terrorist atrocities he inspired.

"There's no one else responsible for this. Omar loves and hates Osama at the same time. He loves him because he is his father but hates what he has done. I think he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after 9/11. Seeing what his dad done ruined Omar's life," she said.

She also claimed that the row over his visa combined with bin Laden family pressures led to her husband's mental state worsening. He had been living in Qatar and keeping in touch with his wife by phoning her daily at her home.