'We will finish you...'

'We will finish you...'

Because the Speaker was not in the chair, there was no scope to expunge ‘select words’ used by the members. Here are a few of comments (of course, censored) heard in the Assembly Hall.

“Don’t show your Bellary goondaism here. Restrict your rowdism to Bellary. This is Bangalore.”

- Dinesh Gundurao,
Congress MLA
(pointing at Bellary Reddys)

Hold your tongue. Don’t talk as if the entire Bangalore belongs to your family... Come out we will finish you... We will not let you go. If you have guts come to Bellary.

- Janardhana Reddy, Suresh Babu,
(pointing at Dinesh Gundurao and Congress leaders)

“You are known for rowdism and goondaism. Your use of words exhibit your Bellary

- Many Congress MLAs
(to Reddys).