Ammadlu encounter memories continue to haunt villagers

Ammadlu encounter memories continue to haunt villagers

Police keep harassing tribals in the name of combing operations

Ammadlu encounter memories continue to haunt villagers

However, over the last one year, the Naxal activities in the region has decreased but the police and the Anti-Naxal Force are constantly on alert anticipating a fatal strike from the naxalites.

The people in the region have been witness to encounter of Naxal leader Saketh Rajan, and Shivalinga, killings of Sheshagowdlu by the naxalite and the Ammadlu encounter in turn between the police and the naxalites. 

On July 10, 2007, a tribal family of Ramegowlu and Kaveramma were killed for giving shelter to naxalite Gautham.

The children of the said tribal family Adresh and Santosh are living as orphans and this is one memory that the residents of Ammadlu cannot refute.

Killing of Paramesh, who had been instrumental in shaping struggles for the overall development of the region too came as a blow to the people of the region. However, after the Ammadalu encounter, the Government started hostel for tribal students where over 100 students are residing.

Various measures have been taken to bring tribals to mainstream. Despite the fact that tribals have come out boldly against the naxalites by participating in elections etc, the police keep harassing them in the name of combing operations, making it impossible for tribals to lead a normal life, away from the dark shadows of the past obnoxious incidents.