Assembly turmoil 'death of democracy': Poojary

Assembly turmoil 'death of democracy': Poojary

Speaking to media persons here on Saturday, he said: “A chief minister is supposed stand as a model leader to others, but in the shameless incident held in the Legislative Assembly, the Karnataka CM has shown the real culture of the government,” he ridiculed.

Coming down heavily on ‘Gani-Dhanis’ (mining lords) for showing unacceptable attitude just because they own money and power, he said: “No government must ever allow its members to use unparliamentary words.”

“In this case, the Karnataka government has showed its impotency by still not charging against the Reddy brothers. How can someone like Janardhan Reddy, having non-bailable warrants on him, can yet attend the cabinet meetings and move so freely? What kind of government is this which doesn’t respect the court’s decision?” he questioned.

He claimed that the government has insulted 6 crore Kannadigas by getting involved in the issues like illegal mining, Lokayukta’s resignation and the Friday’s assembly fight.

“If the government is ready to prove its capacity, then let Reddy brothers be put behind the bars for their misdeeds. Nowhere one can find such an example where the government itself calls for the bundh, a trend that has been started by BJP lead State government recently,” he alleged.