Art with poetic insight

Unique Style

Art with poetic insight

If you are from the era of paper boats and flying kites then one might relate to Minimalistic, the latest acrylic works of Jasu Rawal. Currently, on display at the iArt gallery, the paintings mainly aim to say that less is more, hence the first thing that captures one’s eye is the empty space he leaves for the viewer’s imagination. Jasu’s experiments with the use of different textures have led to the development of a unique style quite of his own. Radiant at times, while sometimes sombre, his work is constantly refreshing, enriching the life of the viewer with a poetic insight into the world of art. “He is one of the most understated artist and someone who thinks way ahead of time. Not many people understand his work, only those with a view of the future will know that his paintings are a collectable,” said Ramesh Sadhwani, from iArt.

 Be the leaf in the space or the little paper boat on the tail of a kite, the paintings take one into those places where one has been and to those where one has not. “One look at the paintings and you can see the innocence that the artist has still maintained. All of Jasu’s paintings portray such complex things in such a simple way,” said Rajesh Sadhwani, from the gallery.

The exhibition will be on till June 30 at iArt, Shop in shop at Silk Interiors. For more information, call 22219851 or 22276490.

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