After deluge, blame game between Punjab and Haryana

After deluge, blame game between Punjab and Haryana

Ironically, the two states have been fighting over water issues in the past, with Punjab maintaining that it did not have a drop to spare and Haryana remaining determined to have its share of water from its neighbouring state.

In a strange turn of events, the two states are now involved in yet another row, this time not over lack of water, but excess of it.
Punjab's Deputy Chief Minister and head of the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal, Sukhbir Singh Badal has alleged that the construction of Hansi Bhutana multi-purpose canal in Haryana was causing floods in his state.

"We have taken photographs (of the canal) and will be giving it to the Central Water Commission," Badal had said.
Hitting back, the Haryana Government said that the "propaganda being spread by Punjab Government by accusing Haryana for floods in Punjab territory is palpably false and grossly misleading."

Principal Adviser to Haryana Chief Minister, R N Prasher has claimed that the problems faced by his state have their origin in Punjab territory because the Ghaggar water has been "diverted" to Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) canal in the Punjab territory.
"Since the SYL canal has a limited capacity, release of large volumes of flood waters in this canal has resulted in breaches of its banks in Ambala and Kurukshetra districts of Haryana. These man-made, deliberate and uncalled for illegal actions in Punjab territory have caused immense avoidable misery to the people of Haryana," Prasher alleged.
A senior Punjab irrigation official blamed Haryana for creating the "man-made havoc (floods)".

22 people died in flood-related deaths in Punjab, while 11 died in neighbouring Haryana.
n a communique to the Centre, Punjab has demanded that a team of the Central Water Commission be deputed to check the "damage" caused by the Hansi Butana canal, which it claims was stopping the natural flow of water of river Ghaggar.

For years, the SYL Canal has remained a bone of contention between the two states.
In 2004, Punjab had unilaterally terminated the river water agreements with its neighbouring states (Termination of Water Agreements Act, 2004).
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had recently raised the demand of royalty on its water, prompting Haryana to hit back at this demand.