Easy route for women drivers?

Easy route for women drivers?

zooming on Many people think women don’t deserve to drive at all.Raina Gupta
Marketing professional

Women drivers aren’t really spared for anything. On the contrary, cops find it easier to torture and fleece them if they ever break the traffic rules.

I feel it happens because most people think women don’t deserve to be driving at all and it’s best to deter them.


In my opinion, women drivers aren’t really given any preferential treatment by the cops, especially in drunken driving cases, which are very serious. And otherwise also, women have to be as careful as men on the roads of the city, especially the ones on two wheelers, sometimes drive rashly.

Jomon Philipose
IT professional

I feel it is actually equal more often than not. There is no such  partiality. And as far as cops are concerned, only some are a little  lenient towards women. I don’t know the reasons. Maybe because they are women, they are treated a little leniently. But yes, women do get harassed sometimes while driving which happens less with us.

Lorna D’Mello
Marketing professional

I don’t think women are spared very often while driving. There are some exceptions where the cops are lenient but that happens to men as much as to women. But I do think that the cops are a little sensitive towards students. Nonetheless, I don’t feel that anyone is spared when they drink and drive. Our cops are quite strict about that.

As a woman, personally I haven’t had it easy on the roads of Bangalore. Cops tend to fleece you for breaking rules and it is even more difficult if you don’t know the local language. I have had a few experiences myself. But yes, in case of drunken driving, if you are with a group of women and you smile nicely, you have a higher chance of being let free. But even if there is one guy in a group of five, they will milk him for what he is worth.

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