Rajappa planned the killing, says police

Rajappa planned the killing, says police

Angst over Naveena ditching him may have led him to commit the murder

 Twenty-eight pages of notes written by Rajappa and seized by the police on Saturday indicated the lawyer’s growing hatred for Naveena.

“We got the documents from his senior advocate’s office. He has written about his agony in about eight pages and besides, he has written apologies to his parents, senior under whom he practiced,”  police said, adding, “the rest of the 20 pages contain minute details of the ups and downs of his love life.”

Very close

The notes reveal that both Rajappa and Naveena were very close until the last few months and that they made several trips to places outside the City.

Written in Kannada, the notes indicate that Rajappa had made it clear that he would not spare Naveena as she had cheated on him. Investigation is focusing on studying whether Rajappa was upset seeing Naveena getting closer with other advocate and also working late hours, the police added.

Police are yet to take a decision whether or not Rajappa’s letter could be considered as a legal document.

“We’ve not yet taken a decision on that even as we have learnt through the preliminary investigation that Rajappa could have himself drafted the letter. The content and style of hand writing indicates that he drafted it over a period of time,” the  Vidhana Soudha police revealed. Police, however are yet to determine the reason for Rajappa choosing the High Court premises for the murder.

They feel that the location was a mere coincidence. They also ruled out possibilities of Rajappa carrying the weapon and poison into the court on days prior to the incident.

12 quizzed

With Rajappa still recovering, the police said that some vital questions will be answered once they subject him for interrogation but they pointed out that they’ve already quizzed about 12 people in this regard.

Excerpts from Rajappa’s notes

To his parents: You’ve done a lot to educate me and I am  what I am today only because of you and your sacrifice. But I fell in love and ignored all of you. Now she has dumped me and I have to do something to rectify my error. Please forgive me.

To his senior: ... I could not use the opportunities you provided me with as I’m not in a state of mind to concentrate on my profession. Naveena has ruined me and I’m unable to keep things under control. I am going to do something. Hope you forgive me.

To his friends: I am really grateful to you. You have always stood by me but I’ve failed you as Naveena took me for granted and then ditched me... I have decided to do something and I don’t know if it is right or wrong. Please forgive me.

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