Days and nights in hostels

Last Updated 12 July 2010, 11:20 IST

Even as thousands of students embark into a world far away from their parents’ vigilant eyes, what they do leave behind is the comfort of their homes.

   Hostel life comes with its own set of rules and restrictions. From weird roommates to strict hostel wardens, what happens inside the hostel remains a secret between friends giving them memories for life.

Though similar in construction, the hostels for girls and boys definitely differ when it comes to cleanliness. While most girls’ hostels are cleaned up on a regular basis, those for young men look more like breeding grounds for cockroaches.

And for the right reasons. “We have to clean our rooms ourselves here. The warden is very strict about it,” says Kriti, a student of Mount Carmel College.
While, boys’ hostels are a lot more casual, girls face a lot more restrictions. “There can’t be any noise between 8.30 pm and 11 pm because they are study hours. And we are also supposed to put out the lights after 11 pm,” says Neetika, a student at MCC. But there are always people who find ways around rules.

“Though we have to report by 11 pm, we have an understanding with the guard. And sometimes guys jump into the hostel from the building next door. There are always ways of bending rules,” says Tarundeep, who stays in a hostel run by a faculty of Christ University.

“Some people do sneak out here too,” adds Neena, a student at MCC.
In MCC, while you are allowed in the hostel you need to work hard to be there. “We have to maintain good grades, otherwise we may be thrown out,” says Nina, a student. “We also can't wear shorts, three-fourths and sleeveless clothes,” adds Nalini, her roommate.

The students have to take permission to go outside the campus and while they are allowed one night-out per month, there are restrictions on places they can visit.
Kriti adds, “Though the infrastructure is good, it sometimes feels more like a boarding school than a college.” “We have Internet but a lot of sites like Facebook are blocked,” says Nalini.

But hostel life is not as dreary as it sounds. “People do find proxy sites to visit blocked sites,” explains Nalini.

   Neetika adds, “I take permission and do make it a point to go out when I have to.” The MCC hostelites have a yearly party called ‘Hostel Night’. “That day we can wear what we want cause the warden is not there,” says Neena happily.
Hanging out with friends and doing crazy stuff together makes living in a hostel an experience in itself.

As Akiesh tells happily, “The first time I drank, my friends gave me a concoction of coke, toothpaste, mouthwash and chilli sauce saying that it was alcohol. My face was burning the entire night.”

“A lot of people here are in committed relationships and spend a lot of time on their Reliance or Indicoms. It’s fun to disturb them at night, throwing water at them when they are on the terrace,” says Tanu, a student at Christ College.
Hostel is all about midnight Maggi and the fact that everyone goes through the same thing as you do. “The exam pangs, hanging out at night and making tones of coffee for everyone on your floor. It’s all very cool,” adds Kriti.

(Published 12 July 2010, 11:20 IST)

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