NR Pura TP election on June 16

Former vice-president K N Shivadas of JD(S) had embraced Congress recently in the presence of Congress leader S M Krishna, there by increasing strength of Congress at the TP to 6 members.

This time the post of the President has come to general category and Vice-President’s post has been reserved for ST woman. Since Mallika Naveen from Karkeshwara constituency is the only women hailing from ST community, her appointment as TP Vice-President is undisputed. But the competition to the post of the President seems to be getting intense day after day.

Sources say that since persons from B Kanabur hobli have become presidents for two term, there is immense pressure to make person from Muttinakoppa hobli as president this time, giving way  for K N Shivadas a bright chance.

According to other sources Congress is thinking of making former president M S Jayaprakash continue with the term as President.

In case Jayaprakash is not elected then there are possibilities of Jayram becoming the President.

The news of ‘Operation Kamala’ was being heard even here but after Congress came to power at the centre the news subsided automatically.

All in all Tuesday’s election is going to be an interesting election for all the suspense and unpredictability.

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