Apathy mars district stadium

Though Sulabh Sauchalay was constructed here about four years ago, the athletes say that they have never seen it open. There is a water tank but there is no water. Hence the morning and evening walkers as well as the athletes go to the nearby guest house for water.

There are 42 light poles in the maidan but not even a single pole has lights fixed. This causes great inconvenience to elderly who come to the ground for morning walks and evening strolls. Since there is no electricity and security personnel, the ground has become a safe abode for anti-social elements.

The plight of walking track is also in bad condition. Grass have grown lavishly on the track, which has several ditches too. Heaps of waste adorn the corners of the ground and one will be taken by surprise to see cyclist and passers by ripping off on their cycles and two wheeler on skating track. The net of the basket ball is torn. There is a gym where most of the equipment are either broken or stolen. The gates of the ground have been broken.
The users of the ground now urge that district administration must take steps to provide face lift to the ground and maintain it in good shape.

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