Taken for a ride

Taken for a ride

Youngsters come up with excuses to convince parents about college trips

Taken for a ride

opportunity College trips are something youngsters don’t want to miss.

They cite security reasons for stopping their children and sometimes they become overprotective. Though teachers accompany the students on certain trips, not all parents are convinced even by the presence of teachers around.

This leaves these youngsters with no other option but cite false reasons to go ahead with the trip.

Priyanka Jain says, “It hurts a lot when you can’t go for these trips. Such opportunities come once in a lifetime. These moments never return. So some of those students, who are unable to go for trips due to parental opposition, sometimes tell their parents that they are going for an industrial trip and that these trips are compulsory,”  she says.

“The other excuse they come up with is that they need to participate in a fest which is happening out of town,” she adds.

Certain parents tend to think that youngsters are not responsible enough, hence the restraint.  Keneth Roshan says, “If you say you are going for a  spiritual trip, chances are you will be allowed for the trip.”

Madhav Rathi says, “I am in the media field, so I would probably tell them that I have to shoot a documentary and that I need to go out of town.”