'Every film has its own destiny'

'Every film has its own destiny'

'Every film has its own destiny'

hopeful Saurav Sharma

One look at the title and there’s no doubt that the actor is a huge fan of Rajkumar and with an intention to give the audience something special, Saurav says that the film will surely touch upon sentiments of many.

Acting was never on Saurav’s mind, “In fact it happened by accident. I was in Mysore attending my sister’s marriage when someone spotted me and gave me my first break and since then there was no looking back,” says Saurav, who acted in 17 films since then.

After acting in films like Jhoot, Gaja, Navagraha and others, Saurav says that he was looking for some growth in his career and it is this aim that pushed him to production.

“By being the producer of the film, the actor in me gets a certain amount of independence and freedom to explore my talents,” says Saurav, who is also playing the lead in this intense love story.

But handling both roles has not been an easy one. “Being the producer and the actor of the film was very difficult. I felt being an actor is easier than being a producer,” he says.
But every time this talented young chap finds himself in a pickle, he does look upto two people in the industry,

Darshan and his brother Dinaker.  “I have learnt so much from both of them. I first met Darshan during the sets of Mahabharata where we played the villains and we immediately hit it off. Since then, I have always asked both him and his brother Dinaker everytime I come across a hurdle. They are always encouraging me and I know I can count on them no matter what,” he adds.

Though the film is ready for release, Saurav is still waiting for the right day to release. “Everytime I plan to release the film something or the other comes up and I am unable to release it. It’s either the IPL or lack of theatres, but I believe every film has its own destiny and will surely come out in its own time,” he says.